Why I still believe in print…

Despite all the advances in digital communication capabilities and trends in the internal comms world focusing on digital technology, I hand on heart believe that print is still very much alive and kicking for internal company magazines.


Reaching your entire workforce: Not everyone has access to an online resource. I’ve worked in a number of organisations where a large percentage of staff do not have access (or regular access) to a computer. That doesn’t mean they should miss out on company communications or messages. Quite the opposite!


Digital overload: With hundreds of emails being sent every day, it’s refreshing to see a colleague or member of my company taking time out from the computer screen with a cup of tea to read our company magazine.


Kudos: Our company messages and printed collateral still seems to get more credit and kudos when in print. I’ve seen articles and photos cut out and pinned to desk areas as well as people using past issues as reference tools.


Share the love: Printed magazines means that your colleagues are more likely to show to friends, family and other business partners. We also use it as career fairs and send to our stakeholders to give them a true reflection of our company life.


Why not head on over to my Company Magazine Case Study for more information on company magazines.


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