What can Yammer do for you?

So what is Yammer and why use it in your organisation?

This is the blurb from Yammer’s website:

“Change is the new constant. Yammer is a private social network that helps you and your company stay on top of it all. Yammer collaboration software and business applications allow you to get connected to the right people, share information across teams and organize around projects so you can go further – faster”


But what does that MEAN?!

To put it bluntly – Yammer is a social networking tool specifically for business.

If you’re pitching it to your C-Suite or senior leadership team, try to avoid any reference to it being like Facebook for business, as this makes people nervous and see it as a social tool that will take up lots of time!

It’s a good idea to say something like this instead:

Unlike other social media sites, Yammer is specifically for private communication between employees within a company. In a nutshell it a space for private and secure communication.


What can it actually DO for your company?

Yammer can make your company more productive. Simple as that. Your employees can participate in a business style social network where every user has a personal profile. They can then post to various work groups as well as enter chat rooms to discuss projects, share information and ask questions.

I know this can often make senior leaders quite paranoid and nervous about people spending time chatting online, but it actually makes you more efficient.

Imagine a platform where employees can quickly discuss a question or business issue. Imagine a tool that allows employees who sit in different offices to feel connected and have immediate and fruitful conversations. Imagine how engaged your employees feel – feeling like they have a voice.


Why use it?

  • It’s very easy to implement
  • Super easy to maintain
  • Employees seem to like it
  • It’s a way for employees to communicate and collaborate
  • It can lead to a more connected and engaged workforce



What’s REALLY great about Yammer?

  • You employees are given a voice
  • You can identify great thinkers and innovative ideas
  • You can team and project meetings that are shorter and WAY more efficient
  • You can document minutes and actions from previous meetings
  • Hierarchy is dispelled. Yammer encourages ALL employees to pitch in and discuss ideas
  • Task assignment and delegation is easy peasy and transparent
  • You can access Yammer from your mobile. Pretty cool if you’re working remotely


Don’t just take my word for it. Tesco are the latest corporate to wax lyrical about its success. In fact, Tesco are set to become the largest users of the private social network in the UK, alongside organisations such as the NHS, when they role out Yammer to 320,000 UK staff.

Chris Bush, Tesco’s MD commented:
“How we communicate effectively internally is something we agonise on a lot. Yammer is a great method of communication for us and we’re going to open up Yammer to all our colleagues across the UK, whereas at the moment it is open to managers, directors and leaders.

We have been running a trial in London for a period of time for all our colleagues. You get to see the way colleagues are talking to each other and it proved a real success for us.”

July 2014


Food for thought

Someone referred to Yammer as the new water cooler conversation. I love this comparison… it’s taking old school communications and office engagement to an online channel.

Yammer square logo


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