CEO: to blog or not to blog

Yes. To blog.

Did you know that Eight out of 10 people say they’re likely to trust an organisation whose CEO and team use social media?

It makes sense. By creating a human face to your organisation you are supporting your employer brand by building a reliable communication channel.

People like to hear “from the top”. I don’t mean the corporate emails that are sent to all employees with the CEO name at the bottom, or the cleverly crafted quotes for press releases. I’m talking about a hub or channel where opinions can be expressed and discussions can happen.

“Writing is thinking on paper.”  William Zinsser


If you want to give your CEO the headlines as to why she/ he should be blogging, try these out for size:

  • Personal brand – people trust other people… not companies
  • Authentic communication – offer explanation in own voice
  • Face time – put a face to the organisation
  • Leadership opportunity – position positively
  • Expert – position as an industry expert
  • Direct – can reach all employees including uniform and retained
  • Personable – additional connection to person “at the top”
  • Transparent – more likely to be believed
  • Employer brand – help build corporate reputation
  • Two way talk – opportunity to shape the debate


“Writing is a lot easier if you have something to say.”

Sholem Asch

Think about your writing style

  • Don’t use 10 words when three will do
  • Use jargon free language
  • It’s best if acronyms are written in full
  • Use “everyday” English

Your CEO blog will only be believable (and engaging) if the tone and content is authentic. It isn’t a channel to push corporate jargon and speak or repeat news releases.

Tone of Voice

Persona Tone








Clear/ uncomplicated

Language Purpose








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