Podcasts for Employees

Last week I worked with my current client on introducing our first audio podcast to all employees. We wanted to get a specific message out to all employees regarding organisational change. We wanted to do this quickly and use a channel that allowed the message to be authentic.

To provide some context, the day we recorded the podcast we had delivered a face to face briefing session to employees. Logistically we can’t reach 75% of employees as they work different shifts and are not office based. This meant they could not attend the face to face session.

We wanted to send the core messages from the face to face session to those employees as soon as possible. Of course we could video the message – but this would then mean taking the video itself, editing, uploading etc etc. This can be a timely process.


What did we do…

  • I downloaded a free Podcast app (Opinion) on my iPhone and handed it over to the member of senior management
  • She recorded her message – using a few takes
  • I then edited.

It really was as simple as that. I think the whole thing took under an hour to produce!



Speak to your IT department to check all computers have speakers and/or employees have access to employees. We had some frustrated employees who couldn’t hear the content initially.

Give the person recording the podcast some space. I found that the recordings taken when I left the room were more fluid.

Feedback and initial measurement has indicated that employees value “real and raw” employee comms over polished and refined. The feedback we have received is that employees appreciated the timely essence of this channel.



The podcast was 8 minutes long in total. It had question style breaks within in. I also published these questions below the podcast link so employees knew the exact content.

To support the podcast, we also included FAQs on the intranet.


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