Out with the Old… the Future of Communications

At last month’s FirePRO conference, we had a great session where guest speaker Shelley Wright (Director of Corporate Communications – Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service) invited us to help shape the Future of Communications.

The annual FirePRO conference sees corporate communication professionals from across the UK Fire Services gather to discuss topics such as managing crisis campaigns, best practice external and internal communications, change management best practice and specific case studies.

As part of the Future of Communications discussion, we had to write down what we wanted to banish, and what we wanted to do more of regarding our roles and communications.

Here are mine…

The bucket of joy – things I want to do more of… The bucket of banishment…
More digital content- videos (short 60-90 seconds), video blogs Admin and emails
Webinars/ Webjams Press releases as a push communication channel.
Podcasts One way communication
Animations Pointless leaflets and posters
Move from reactive comms to more strategic Photos – of meetings, presentations etc
Integrated campaigns – internal & external Media analytics that only measure output – not outcome
“A day in the life of” blogs & videos
Develop multi-agency comms team with Essex Police & Ambulance – for times of crisis and to develop partnership campaigns
Time to think, rather than reacting all the time
More collaboration with other communication professionals in fire service – potentially other blue light services

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