Internal Communications – 2015 lessons learnt

I love this time of year; New Year resolutions, plans and of course, predictions and trends for what next year holds for the world of communications and employee engagement.

Before I share my predictions, I wanted to share the lessons I have learnt this year. Learning from our mistakes is just as effective as sharing our triumphs!


Here are my three key lessons learnt:

Not having measurement metrics in place
Never assume that a wordpress blog has metrics already set up. Lesson learnt! The plug-in was soon installed – but we lost the launch day metrics and data.


Keep communications simple
I’m helping an organisation going through a huge period of change right now. We have been painstakingly keeping employees up to date and informed through a variety of media channels.

One thing we lost sight of was the need for Chiefs to still be visible. An employee suggested they lunch in the canteen rather than in their offices. Just seeing the senior team at places like the canteen can be even more reassuring during times of change than the extensive comms work!


Take time to think.
I personally find that when you’re in a consultancy position, or viewed as a communications “expert” you’re expected to answer questions and come up with solutions on the spot. I’ve done this too often – and too often I think about the situation afterwards and realise I could have suggested an alternative, or worked with others.


They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.  Carl W. Buechner


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