Internal Communications – priorities for 2016

Here are my three internal communication priorities for 2016:


Get smarter with measurement.
Outputs, Outcomes and Impact. Focus on outcomes and impact. Check out AMEC’s downloads here. 

I always add a cover sheet to the analytics that pulls out some key info. That way if your senior leadership team only have time to read that one page, they’ve got the headlines.


Up skill your communications team
If you’re public sector like me, then times of austerity are certainly here to stay. Up skill members of your team to make them more able and capable to turn campaigns, comms by themselves. For example, getting videos out there in a timely way and without the need for using an agency or external contractor is a win win. Check out CIPR’s Making Movies with iPhones and iPads course. Send members of your team and have them train others.

Take advantage of animation tools such as – just £70 for the year. A quick and VERY easy way to bring your messages to life.


Enhance your face-to-face comms
I’m looking at using digital videos and v-blogs to make the senior leadership more visible. Messages will be specific for teams, broadcast to all, allow for questions to be sent in. They’ll be planned and spontaneous.


Add what your focusing on using the comments below 🙂


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