What do you need to STOP or DO MORE OF?

Last week I participated in a group exercise where between us we had to name five things our CEO should STOP doing and five things he should do MORE OF in order to help culture change.

It wasn’t about right or wrong. It was an exercise to help a senior leader be more aware of his actions and behaviours that lead to better results. Doing more of is about building on the positive results already being achieved.

I’ve done similar exercises before – start, stop, continue – but to do it specifically about someone else, and with a group of others, was quite a challenge. We found there was a link between the two elements; so stop taking on so much work by yourself and do more delegating.

This weekend I have been thinking about what I need to stop and what I need to do more of. I’ve just got two of each here, because I want to really commit to them.



Last minute communication requests. Specifically graphic design! I know this isn’t always feasible, and it’s good to remain flexible, but if we don’t push back or refer to our strategic goals/ objectives, we won’t get the respect that communications departments deserve.

Measurement that is focused on outcomes as opposed to just output. We produce a monthly report for the senior leadership team, but as this is dictated by date rather than by specific project it’s difficult to demonstrate the outcomes.


Do more of…

Getting out there. If you’re “in” communications you need to make sure you’re speaking to employees across the organisation to see how things land, what they want to see more of and check that messages are reaching all.

Strategic thinking. At the moment I spend A LOT of time in meetings that are scattered throughout the week. I’m going to restructure my diary and have meeting free days to ensure I get more thinking time.


Feel free to email me or check in with me using the comments below to see if I manage the four commitments above.


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