Guest post: Publishers should welcome these changes to Facebook Newsfeed!

Guest post: Sonia Carter

Sonia Carter


I find these headlines like the one below so frustrating. Facebook is changing its Newsfeed to better favour posts from Friends.

As someone who’s worked with brands spending tens of millions on Facebook media, why would I be worried about anything that keeps the platform relevant, encourages more engagement and might even make people start posting more personal content again?


Facebook’s latest News Feed change may hurt publishers


We wouldn’t have these headlines if ITV changed its schedule to include more popular programmes.

A couple of months ago, stories were circulating about Facebook’s efforts to counter the shift in user behaviour away from posting personal stories towards simply sharing other (often professional) content and the fears of the long term impact of this

This IS a concern to me.

Both as a publisher –  because I want Facebook to continue to be an effective channel to reach my audiences-  but also as a user. I want to see more personal stuff! I want the whole feed to be full of great posts. I’m bored of contrived stunts (am i the only one who finds Carpool Karaoke cringey?)

I just mean stuff that means something to me. Funny, shocking, interesting etc. The better the personal stuff the more brand will have to raise their game to be just as interesting.



About Sonia Carter

(formerly Kraft Foods)

Sonia has an extensive track record of maximising the business impact of digital and social media and being the change agent for many existing media and marketing practices with brands including Cadbury, Oreo, Belvita, Milka, Green & Black’s and Philadelphia.

She has 15 years’ experience providing hands-on creative and technical expertise to brands and organisations in diverse sectors including FMCG, Financial Services, Engineering, Telecomms, Tourism and the Public Sector.

See Sonia’s LinkedIn profile for more details


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