Ten tips… to setting up a CEO blog

Eight out of 10 people say they’re likely to trust an organisation whose CEO and team use social media. Total no brainer to look at setting this channel up.

Here are ten things to think about before you do:

1. Why? – What’s “the why” or reason that you’re looking at launching a blog? Who are you trying to reach. How does this strengthen your existing communication channels and messages?

2. Audience – Who’s your audience? Don’t just think external. I’ve set up CEO blogs that are aimed predominately at internal employees. It’s a great way to reach “hard to reach” employees that are not office based. They can access this comms content on their own smart devices in their own time.

3. Search Engine Optimization – if you are focusing on your internal audience (employees only) you can switch SEO off within your blog. If not, think about your key words, tages and categories to ensure your blog is picked up by search engines

4. Comments – Do you have a comments policy? How will you react to negative comments? You can always add an approval process – comments need to be approved before they “go live”

5. Content style – Use short sentences, bullet points and images. You don’t want to lose your reader with long sentences and too many words.

6. What’s the MAIN point? Make your content to the point. Your content needs to be relevant and topical. Don’t try to cover too many issues or topics in one post. What do you want your audience to remember?

7. Blog post title – Your title needs to entice the reader and tell them what it’s about. Short and snappy works best.

8. Offer participance guidance – don’t be shy to offer some “housekeeping” and guidance as to what you will and will not accept regarding comments. For example: “We won’t accept any swearing or rude comments on our page. If you’re rude or offensive your comments will be removed.”

9. Humanizing – This is a great opportunity to bring out your CEO’s personal side. Share photos, personal anecdotes, write informally.

10. Measurement – most blogs have some back end measurement and metrics. Do some research into the additional plug-ins if you would like more coherent data. Do analyse this to see what works and what doesn’t.


CEO: To Blog or Not to Blog


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