Communicating Change: 8-point plan INFOGRAPHIC

Communicating change and creating content that stimulates positive change is often at the heart of what we (communication professionals) do.

This post is about focusing on the outcome and how you ask people to change using a quick and easy 8-point plan.


communicating change


WHAT – In plain English, communicate what the change looks like.

WHY – Why are we making this change?

WHO – who does this affect?

WHEN – when will the change take place?

HOW – how will the change happen? How will the employee/s be supported?

FUTURE FRAMING – tell the future story. Don’t focus on the past or current

AUDIENCE SEGMENTATION – identify the audiences affected and reach them first. Tailor your communication messages and channels used to reach different identified audiences

CHANGE CHAMPIONS – brief managers, leaders and other influencers with the tools and information that enables them to cascade messages and answer questions


For more change communications info, head over to Ten Tips… for communicating change.



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