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Out with the Old… the Future of Communications

Shaping the Future of Communications – my suggestions for the bin of joy and the bin of banishment from a recent communication conference.

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Stop telling people what NOT to do

Yesterday I headed into the Big Smoke for a Neuroscience of Engagement Bootcamp by Café Style Culture Club. The workshop delved into the neuroscience of engagement. This isn’t anywhere near as geeky as it sounds! In a nut shell, our brains are constantly collecting data and information. We then make decisions and solve problems based on this information we have

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What’s your personality colour?

I absolutely love learning about different personality types, and the classic traits and natural skills these personalities have – particularly in regards to the workplace. Research has shown that there are four basic personality types. If you know which colour personality you are you can interact and communicate better with other people. So grab yourself a cuppa and tick the

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Case study: staff conference

Staff Conferences and all staff gatherings are an inspiring and energetic way for employees to get involved in activities, ask questions and hear from the senior management team.     To download the Staff Conference Case Study, please click the following link: CASE STUDY_Staff Conference   If you would like more specific information, or have any questions about hosting an all

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