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Case study: staff conference

Staff Conferences and all staff gatherings are an inspiring and energetic way for employees to get involved in activities, ask questions and hear from the senior management team.     To download the Staff Conference Case Study, please click the following link: CASE STUDY_Staff Conference   If you would like more specific information, or have any questions about hosting an all

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Case Study: Company Core Values

Company core values

Company core values should guide your employees in everything they do. They steer behaviours and inspire work accountability. They should be relevant to all employees at all levels across all functions. Strength comes from understanding and implementing your company vision and goals across the whole company.   To download this Company Values case study, please click the following link: CASE STUDY_Core Values  

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Case Study: Company Magazines

Research suggests that despite the increase in digital communications channels, the company magazine still serves as a credible voice of the company and is an inclusive and engaging channel for communicating with all staff.   To download a PDF of this case study, please click the link: CASE STUDY_Company Magazine If you liked this, then why not also read my post

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Case Study: Customer Service Champions

Customer Service Call Centre

Customer service champions are the best representation for a company. Research proves that customers are more likely to trust and be loyal to a company based on communication with the company’s employees compared to marketing and PR. Empowered front of house staff and call centre staff ultimately deliver higher levels of customer service.   To download a PDF of this case study,

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