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Segmenting your Internal Audience

Audience segmentation

We all know that segmenting your audience and stakeholders will mean better communication relevancy and outcome. Segmenting your most importance audience – internal audience (employees) – will mean you can better reach remote workers, tailor messages to different employee groups and create a more engaged workforce.

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Ten tips…for communicating change

Here are my ten tips to think about when you need to announce and manage corporate change:   1. Understand the change that you need to communicate First things first, you really need to understand what the change actually is. What does this look like and how does this affect people in the company. Have clear messages ready. Make sure these

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What’s your personality colour?

I absolutely love learning about different personality types, and the classic traits and natural skills these personalities have – particularly in regards to the workplace. Research has shown that there are four basic personality types. If you know which colour personality you are you can interact and communicate better with other people. So grab yourself a cuppa and tick the

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Case study: staff conference

Staff Conferences and all staff gatherings are an inspiring and energetic way for employees to get involved in activities, ask questions and hear from the senior management team.     To download the Staff Conference Case Study, please click the following link: CASE STUDY_Staff Conference   If you would like more specific information, or have any questions about hosting an all

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Case Study: Company Core Values

Company core values

Company core values should guide your employees in everything they do. They steer behaviours and inspire work accountability. They should be relevant to all employees at all levels across all functions. Strength comes from understanding and implementing your company vision and goals across the whole company.   To download this Company Values case study, please click the following link: CASE STUDY_Core Values  

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Internal Communication Awards

If, like me, you’ve been working hard revisiting your internal communications strategy and setting your comms plan for 2015, make sure you also include the dates for relevant IC awards.   Internal communication awards are great for you to showcase your skills and achievements as a communications team, or even as an individual. They also provide an opportunity for you

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